Calm— Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler

Calm— Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler


Calm—Grounded and Focused
Elevate Your Sense

Sometimes we just need a reminder to breath. The Calm Infuser mixes a blend of organic essential oils with cannabis essential oil to promote a stillness within.

Each inhaler comes in a beautiful refillable aluminum container. Infusions last 6 months or more.

The 100% pure cannabis essential oil is derived from Hemp and is non-psychoactive. Studies have shown that breathing in cannabis essential oil can help with Relaxation, Renewed Energy, Focus, and Headache relief.

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“ You know that feeling when you get good news? Smelling this gives me that same feeling.” —Brian

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  • Wild-crafted Cannabis Essential Oil (non-psychoactive, lab tested)

  • Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

  • Organic Orange Essential Oil

  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt