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Medicine Basket & Garden Harvest Basket Weaving with Alexa Rene´ Rivera


Join us in welcoming Alexa Rene' Rivera, a basket weaver visiting from Burlington, Vermont. Alexa will teach us on a brief history of basketry and it's relationship between people and what they carry.

Friday Night, 6-9pm: Medicine Basket Making
Cost: $65-$75

You need a beautiful place to hold all your medicinal essentials. In this class you'll learn to use natural materials to create a perfect little stash basket. We’ll enjoy a little natural inspiration to guide us along this meditative practice as well. BYOW encouraged.

Saturday Morning, 10-3pm: Garden Harvest Basket (CBD infused)
Cost: $85-95

Come join us for a full day of basket weaving were you’ll learn to hand craft you own Garden Harvest Basket. In this half day class, you will learn basics skills of weaving, and spend the day practicing this mediative, ancient and utilitarian craft. A Garden Harvest Basket is perfect for days foraging in the woods, harvesting for greens, or using at the local farmers market. 


About Alexa: Alexa Rene' Rivera is a basket weaver, and founder of WOVN.COUNTRY, originally from New York, now living in Burlington, Vermont. She is deeply interested in the history of basketry, the relationship between people and what they carry, the study of vessel, the marriage of meditative and utilitarian work, and connection with ancestral lineage through basket weaving. Alexa teaches a form of basketry originating in the Adirondack Region of New York, as well as Appalachian styles. Her home base is a studio in the South End Arts District of Burlington, but she mainly works as a traveling teacher, holding workshops at farms, homesteads, libraries, and community centers around New England. Follow her on instagram at honeyandhips and online at