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Lifted Yoga—With Shaney Aalbers

Taking a class with Shaney is like taking a poetic journey, she’s soulful, funny, and an artful storyteller...

Join us for an infused evening of zen and create space to get lifted though shanti and a little natural inspiration. This experience is for everyone (novice or seasoned). Please bring your own mat, other comforts you may need: straps, blanket, props, we have a limited number of mats to share). Light refreshments are included.



Shaney Aalbers has been instructing since 1995 and has been licensed as a Massage Therapist since 2000. She has traveled and studied extensively; she holds an Undergraduate Degree in Community Health Education and countless teacher certifications. Her commitment to leading group experiences is to continually explore studentship in new and novice ways as well as familiar subjects and areas of expertise. Shaney has lead national and international retreats and workshops for the past 13 years.

The art of mindfulness, movement, and well being spill over from practice forms and profession into a lifestyle. “Our human - wants to be seen and heard. However, our spirit craves to be inclusively observed and listened to. To groom in sensitivity is to give way to a waking spirit and and a gratitude filled soul.”