Introducing Highly Inspired, A Video Series with Portland Makers


Highly Inspired is a collaboration with Make & Mary and The Hood Collective. Each mini documentary tells the story of a Portland maker who has a connection to cannabis. The series looks at process and features makers in their creative studio. Kicking off Highly Inspired we talked to Portland native Asa Bree, a nail artist at Finger Bang. 

Asa Bree Sieracki has always had a call for the wild creative. She started making jewelry and selling it online at the age of 14, and later worked as a make-up artist for MAC. Now her medium is of a smaller scale.

Asa is a nail art connoisseur at Fingerbang and she is in such high demand that many of her reservation books are often closed. Elle Magazine named her a global influencer, and her work has been featured on MTV Australia, Nylon, Refinery29, and PopSugar. Her client list goes beyond her daily customers to include: Nike, Adidas, and Weiden + Kennedy. She is also a frequent contributor to industry standard magazines such as NailPro Magazine and Nails Magazine. When she is not painting small scale, she hand-paints leather jackets under the name Aces High Trading Company.

Watch the video below.