Highly Inspired with Nicolle Clemetson

Photo via Nicolle Clemetson

Photo via Nicolle Clemetson

Highly Inspired is a collaboration with Make & Mary and The Hood Collective. Each mini documentary tells the story of a Portland maker who has a connection to cannabis. The series looks at process and features makers in their creative studio. This episode features local photographer Nicolle Clemetson. 

Nicolle Clemetson is an award-winning commercial photographer who specializes in conceptual, portrait, and still life photography.

Nicolle brings a unique sense of playfulness and a passion for fun to every project. Since moving to Portland in 2011 she has built strong relationships in both the advertising and editorial worlds. With over 10 years of industry experience, she approaches every project with a positive attitude and the ability and confidence to produce high-quality imagery.

Past and present clients include: Adobe, Adidas, Serra Cannabis, Legacy Health, Nike, Sigma, Hangar1 Vodka, USAA, Columbia River Knife & Tool, Adweek, Southwest Airlines, Ladygunn, Seattle Met, Time Out, USAA.

Watch the video below.