Bake, Make, Bake...and Bake Again—Workshop Recap with Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

At one point the room of 45 people was silent. Heads bent and a concentrated energy filled the house.
— Make & Mary

No two things are alike. Not even a pipe cast from the same mold. Add in some finishing tools, and a little imagination the results are infinite. This workshop wasn't necessarily made for the seasoned artists, but it did allow everyone to get creative. As organic as the pipes themselves, the art that embellished them ranged from a series of dots, lines, and patterns, to intricate scenes and more.


Each attendee chose a stone pipe of their choice—white, grey, mauve, or black. We provided templates for them to use as a tool to sketch up ideas before hand. Then the paint, markers and a little bit of natures inspiration helped to guide the finishing pieces. In community style, tables of 10 gathered together, eating Drip Ice Cream and sampling from the flower of Hifi Farms. There was at least three mom and daughter duo's, a few date night couples, and lots of friends who pulled up chairs next to unfamiliar faces. By the end of the evening awesome pipes were created and new friendships was a perfect time to spend a Friday night.

Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe Ceramics  shared a little on the process of ceramics, and her story for creating. 

We are thankful to have such awesome friends and neighbors who share our love of art, making, and baking. Be sure to look forward to another collaboration between Pigeon Toe and Make & Mary, it's one you won't want to miss!

Realizing that understanding materials on an intimate level leads to refined and imaginative objects, Lisa’s work under Pigeon Toe has evolved with her own artistic enrichment and hands-on study of new techniques and mediums. This growth is fostered through relationships with other esteemed craftspeople, with a focus on building community through shared learning opportunities and love of making. Lisa aspires to find fresh perspective through innovative material combinations, harking back to an era where artisans not only create, but inspire.